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“Greet Talk Talk Seduce Play”

Checking my score on the DLR Measuring the social bar: This tally card of the day, I find Makes a sim of me, All my sins multiplied By a double scarlet minus sign.

That’s how it works, right?

My heart was feeling Porcupine – Always this fucking train line – A game of points on the underground: Fifty up, a hundred down. Green red green red red Redder than I was on the inbound.

Did I lose ten more when I slipped your eye? And slid off your mind No further flirtation. These thoughts A vapour cloud of speculation, But solid like self doubt. A blastoma. Cut it out.


I forgot to count The seventy five that dropped When it all shone out Silver scar illuminations Red raw underside There’s a reason we hide…

But up again five When I quipped and we vibed.

Back to the tube: Look at the boy with the rubick’s cube! Flick-flacking his fastest time: Fifteen seconds in another’s life – It feels like an eon in mine.

Fifteen seconds is long enough. To build. To die. To linger. Not gonna say cry just coz it rhymes.

But give me some points for trying?

© Georgina Barley 2015

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